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Woodbourn Warrior A69

Registration Number: 4WA69
Date of Birth: 8/20/2005
Sire: Jyndarra Warrior W3
Dam: Woodbourn Peggy T42

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Woodbourn Warrior A69 is a bull from the Woodbourn Stud in Tasmania. Excellent bull with proven grass finishing genetics. Calving ease with outstanding depth, length and smoothness. His offspring are very gentle.

Ballee Thumbs Up

Registration Number: 044698T0665
Date of Birth: 8/6/1998
Sire: Cranbrook Lusty AI
Dam: Ballee Ada 22nd

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Ballee Thumbs Up is a Famous New Zealand Bull with proven performance over many herds. He is a well balanced thick bull, his offspring are proven performers. Semen is imported by the late Gerald Fry specifically for the grass finishing market.

The Glen Showboat

Registration Number: CMGP6381
Date of Birth: August 29, 1981
Sire: Essington Macdhui
Dam: The Glen Geraldine 10th

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The Glen Showboat is a very popular Australian bull. He has been used in over 138 herds worldwide and has well over 800 progeny. Showboat is a moderate birth weight bull with good growth and carcass weight.He is above average on marbling and is known for his excellent disposition. He is a frame score 6 and has a scrotal circumference of 45 cm. While he has nice bull calves, he is famous for his outstanding daughters. They are long, deep, feminine, and extremely easy fleshing with good feet and udders. All of Showboats progeny have style and are structurally correct.

KCC Diplomat’s Ballet 9C

Registration Number: 29731
Date of Birth: February 12, 1993
Sire: Lochaber-Braes Diplomat
Dam: SWG Royal Ballet 9X

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Diplomat’s Ballet (pictured here as a yearling) was born in Canada and brought to the U.S. as a calf with his mother, SWG Royal Ballet 9X (a big, heavy milking, good producing cow). He is the son of the famous Lochaber-Braes Diplomat (featured above), a multi-trait leader in six traits. While Diplomat’s Ballet is not quite as tall as his father, he is every bit as long and muscular. Born at 80 lbs., he passes on this birth weight and ease of calving. He adds thickness and improves milk in his calves. Diplomat’s Ballet also adds style to his calves with a pretty head, straight top line, and good feet and legs. We were lucky enough to see Diplomat’s Ballet in person when he was ten years old. He was still in great shape and was being used as a herd sire on the salt flats of Utah for the Rolfe Livestock Co.

Willalooka Pharaoh P47

Registration Number: 51544
Date of Birth: February 21, 1994
Sire: Willalooka Leopold L192
Dam: Willalooka Catherine M171

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Willalooka Pharoah is a leading sire at the Willalooka Stud in Australia with over 624 progeny in 64 herds analyzed through Breedplan including 142 daughters who have contributed to his high accuracy numbers. He is a silver son of the well-known Willalooka Leopold. Pharoah is a lighter birth weight bull than his father and has outstanding growth traits. He is a trait leader in: 200 wt, 400 wt, 600 wt, and carcass wt. He is also in the top 1% of the breed for growth, carcass weight, and appears on the top 100 bulls for Supermarket and Grass-fed Indexes. Willalooka Pastoral Co. considers him to be one of the best working bulls to ever have been bred by them and an important contributor to the Murray Grey breed. Pharoah has proven in every way to be an outstanding sire and we have been impressed with his offspring. We have retained his daughters and continue to use Pharaoh in our AI and Embryo programs. We also offer semen for sale from this fine bull.

Yamba Werewolf

Registration Number: BCP W162
Date of Birth: August 5, 2001
Sire: Monterey Millennium
Dam: Coromby Greta

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Yamba Werewolf is a big, growthy son of Monterey Millennium with tremendous muscling. Werewolf has produced some exceptional bull and heifer calves at our ranch; these are robust, thick-bodied, larger framed animals with excellent gains and growth. This bull has performed in the show ring being Grand Champion Murray Grey bull in Sydney in 2005, but, more importantly, he has performed in the pasture. He is a trait leader in Breedplan for 200, 400 and 600 day growth. (Trait Leaders for 200, 400, 600 day growth are in top 10% of Murray Greys worldwide with an accuracy greater than 75%). Werewolf has 52 progeny analyzed under Breedplan.

Banksia Ridge Zorro Z7

Registration Number: BNK Z7
Date of Birth: March 22, 2004
Sire: Willalooka Thug
Dam: Boxvale Valerie

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Banksia Ridge Zorro Z7 is a young Australian bull born in 2004 who is sired by Willalooka Thug, an Australian bull ranking as one of the top dollar supermarket index bulls with an emphasis on retail beef yield and mature weight. Zorro has great potential to add growth and frame with well balanced EBVs for calving ease,growth, milk and yield. Zorro is a soft skinned showy animal who has an excellent temperament and structure and breedplan data that puts him in the top 1% of the breed on most measures. This exciting young bull has a frame score 6 and excellent style and structure. In Genestar testing, he had 7 of the 7 Tenderness genes. When he was a young bull, with limited Breedplan data, we felt he had great potential and brought in semen for our use. He has fulfilled our expectations, now ranking #20 in the top 100 sires in Australia on the Heavy Grass Fed Index, #12 in the top 100 sires in Australia on the Supermarket Index, and #23 in the top 100 sires in Australia on the Long Fed Export Index. He is also a Trait Leader for growth. We have been impressed by the beauty, structure, and gain of his calves.

Bundaleer X Road X37

Registration Number: JOS X37
Date of Birth: October 6, 2002
Sire: Bundaleer Uncle Same U18
Dam: Bundaleer Remembrance Day

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Bundaleer X Road is a young bull with excellent potential for adding frame and gain in his progeny. “One sees many good bulls but only occasionally does one come across a bull that could make a significant impact on a breeding program. Bundaleer X Road X37 is one of those. A big bull with excellent mobility, general structure and temperament, he has exceptional muscling and butt profile and the sire qualities of a bull which could make a difference.” (Lew Smit, Koojan Hills Angus stud principal.) At 28 months, Bundaleer X Road weighed 2431 lbs, had a scrotal circumference of 46cc, 151 cm hip height, and was Genestar tested with 4 stars for Tenderness and 3 star marbling. X Road is a Breedplan trait leader in four important measures – growth and scrotal size. His milk numbers make him an excellent sire of replacement females. He has 110 progeny analyzed in Breedplan, though no daughters yet. This picture is one we took in Australia while out on a pier over the water – testament to his docile temperament. We are extremely impressed with the calves from this bull. They are structurally correct, have excellent back ends, with good length, height and width. The progeny of this bull will surely impress.

Willalooka Unity U99

Registration Number: 52901
Date of Birth: March 23, 1999

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Willalooka Unity U99 is a outstanding sire at the Willalooka Stud in Australia with over 315 progeny including 20 daughters analyzed in Breedplan. He is a dark son of the exceptional Willalooka Pharaoh. Unity U99 is the #2 Long-Fed Export Index sire and the #16 Heavy Grass Fed Index sire in the Murray Grey 2009 Breedplan. The Long-Fed Index identifies sires with the traits to produce progeny suited to the high-marbling export markets in Japan and other Asian markets. He is a calving ease son of Pharoh and in the top 5% for 400 & 600 day growth EMA and IMF. For those interested in high marbling, high production carcass quality for either the grass fed or long fed markets, the progeny from this bull should excel. Given his strong milk values, he is perfect for contributing foundation females in a carcass-focused operation. He has a very strong maternal performance in his pedigree with his grandmother being a full sister to a bull famous to New Zealand breeders in Willalooka Jumbo. Unity maintains excellent calving ease, gestation length and carcass data which indicates he is consistently throwing easy calving, soft cattle with plenty of meat. In addition to using him in our Embryo and AI program, he is the bull of choice for our heifers. Some of his daughters are entering production in our herd and we expect great performance from them.

WCC Freightliner 64L

Registration Number: 51567
Date of Birth: January 13, 2001
Sire: Temar Lotus L62
Dam: ACJ Trafalgar Tanya 4

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WCC Freightliner is a beautifully balanced Australian Temar Lotus son desirable for his size, muscling, style and performance. He was the Canadian Murray Grey Champion bull in 2002. This bull has excellent milk Breedplan numbers and is a proven producer of quality progeny. He has 37 progeny on Breedplan including 8 daughters. His daughters are good-sized, productive, females who demonstrate outstanding maternal traits. We have used two of his daughters, Eagles Run Babys Breath and Eagles Run Trillium 276R as embryo donors. His sons are real eye-catching with thickness, depth and balanced conformation. We have retained many of his daughters due to their value in the cow herd for volume, structure, milking ability and temperament. Unfortunately, we lost Freightliner at 4 years of age, so semen is all that is left of this exceptional sire. Semen quantities are extremely limited.

Lindale Hobo

Registration Number: 40173
Date of Birth: January 8, 1998
Sire: Willalooka Power
Dam: HH Glory B Alice B 4

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Lindale Hobo is an excellent black Murray Grey bull with solid Australian bloodlines. This bull produces exceptional females who flesh easily, have outstanding udder structure, and have good capacity and length. We use three of his daughters as embryo donors, Eagles Run Innocence, Eagles Run Sweet Dream, and Eagles Run Everlasting. Hobo is great on heifers and a good choice for cows. He has a desirable blend of growth, milk, carcass and marbling combined with a light birth weight. We owned and used Hobo for three years before selling him to a commercial operation where he was valued for his fertility, ability to cover many females and low-birthweight calves. Hobo has a docile, quiet temperament which his progeny have inherited. One interesting fact we have noticed about many of the Hobo progeny we have worked with over the years is their ability to maintain their flesh in conditions where the other cattle are dropping weight. His Breedplan numbers are based on 66 progeny and 12 producing daughters. This bull is worth a try!

Banksia Ridge Caeser C10

Registration Number: BNK C10
Date of Birth: April 6, 2007
Sire: Willalooka Uplift U5
Dam: Banksia Ridge Zoe Z1

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In 2011, Caeser C10 is the second best sire in the breed based on his ranking for all $Index measures. He has produced an excellent drop of calves in 2010, 2011 and 2012 and his actual performance supports his outstanding breed plan data. He is tructurally sound, has excellent muscling and has a wonderful temperament —-the competepackage.

Banksia Ridge Yogi Bear Y15

Registration Number: BNK Y15
Date of Birth: March 24, 2003
Sire: Willalooka Kirby K206
Dam: Kilmainhan Ursula

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Another top Kirby bull from the 2004 drop. He has good length and thickness and a wonderful temperament to match his very even Breedplan figures. He achieved six out of six stars in the original Genestar marbling and tenderness tests and in more recent testing achieved 10 out of a possible 12. His first crop of calves have exceeded our high expectations . Some are truly outstanding and all are characterised by an excellent top-line, moderate birth weight, good length and hip height and excellent growth rates.

Olympia’s Pelion

Registration Number: 25004
Date of Birth: January 13, 1976
Sire: Parknook Pelion
Dam: Burrawang Flower

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He is a small framed silver bull weighing 1400 # at 2 years old. He is used on first calf heifers and has an Igenity Tenderness score of “10”. His son grow fast with good marbling and tenderness. Perfect to moderate the size of your herd. His offspring has a very gentle disposition.

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